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The lack of good taste for girls after having been in the "Artemis Faculty" for too long, whereby desperation has clouded better judgement.
Whoa there! You think that girl is hot? She's totally not, must be your Artemis Syndrome acting up again.
by theArtemician March 01, 2010
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Benign Artemis Syndrome: An mild occurrence in the first few months of being in the Artemis Faculty, where slight disappointment and resentment are present as common symptoms and the subject retains much of his "eyesight". Complete recovery possible by lucking into a "plentiful" CCA.

Malignant Artemis Syndrome: Subject experiences regret and envy, this stage is indicated by a markedly quick rate of deterioration in "eyesight". Sociologists recommend social rehabilitation, preferably in other countries of ample opportunity, sustenance through "porno mags" is inadvisable and may result in worsening emotions at the trade-off of keeping "eyesight" healthy.

Final Stage Artemis Syndrome: Subject accepts the "Artemis Faculty" and embraces what may become his death. Others may take the easy way out and commit suicide. There is no known cure for Final Stage AS.
Hey man, I heard Jim went to Sweden to pursue his studies, lucky bastard eh ? I heard the chicks there are really hot !

No way dude! he was diagnosed with Malignant Artemis Syndrome and is going there for emergency treatment !!
by theArtemician September 04, 2010

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