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A stubborn hard headed but yet soft hearted. Can be one sided and a huge trash talker but is a huge baby really. Should have a temper button or at least a dial that someone else could control. Opinionated but usually right. A huge teddy bear! Often mistaken for the Incrediable Hulk. Can be persived as cocky, but also very genuine. Gives the greatest hugs! Great friend and hugely loyal.
Artemio comes across as the Incrediable Hulk, but underneath is a huge teddy bear. Care Bear to Hulk if pissed off or provoked.
by Hmgc and friends December 30, 2011
24 5
Mr.sexy the one who loves cowboys and is always smiling. Hes short and a fast talker who is very lazy and attends a law school. The one who is willing to hug anything and anybody.at times he might be annoying but you can never be mad at him.
hey Mr sexy (artemio)

hey (hug)
by ashleylovesvanessa January 02, 2012
9 5