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1. To loose oneself in aesthetic beauty
2. Experience consolation in fine and visual arts
3. Find transcendental contentment in art
-- “Man, everything sucks. My job, my girl, my city. And who’s gonna save the day? The Democrats? The Republicans? Donald Trump? They're all a shower of dicks who think we’re all idiots. And you know what? We are idiots. Who else but an idiot would put up with all this sub-mental, rip-off bullshine? I swear, I can’t take it no more. It’s Glock-22 time.”

-- “Chill, son. You need to let that shit loose by sliding over to the museum and soak up some Mondrian and Miro. Or school up on an instrument like the trumpet. Get your girl; waltz her honey ass to a dance class. And when all else fails, channel your hang-up’s and screw-up’s into a play, off-Broadway style. Don’t look back in anger, man. Know’m saying? Get your art-on.”
by Sophie Abrahams March 23, 2011
Intense inspiration to create art.
Wow, that painting your working on is awsome. I'ts giving me a giant art on.
by catpoop6 December 15, 2010
A sexy, thought out guy, not much smarter than the average squirrel. hot and self absorbed. loves attention and will do anyting for a porn magazine.
That kid, he's such an arton, he went home and licked the magazine full of cheerleaders!
by Poundcake hearter March 06, 2007
/ärt-än,ôn/ n.

A heightened sense of euphoria/excitement/arousal/everything due to thoughts or experiences involving art.
Dzzaannggg, that poem gave everyone an art-on.
by arton May 23, 2014

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