When your Bf or Gf Fucks you with a Shapie!
Me and my girl practice art!
by Darvy February 11, 2008
Nice, cute guy but also a sad guy because he couldn't live up to the high standards he set for himself. He was defeated by the one and only SFC. He will live his life wondering why he couldn't just beat her!
I realized being cute doesn't mean you have Street Fighter Skills. -- Art (after being defeated by Kristen.)
by Publisher of How to Be a SFC March 08, 2005
Art means penis. Fuck art. Suck art. Lick art. Rub art. Touch art. Tickle art. Just don't kick art.
Fundo was an avid art fanatic, until he found out art meant penis.
by authOOr July 07, 2006
Acronym for Anus Real Tight.
Fundo: How'd Lucinda get that ART?
Fundolo: She must do a lot of anal exercise.
by authOOr November 18, 2006
Someone you will never be allowed to fuck, as it would be social suicide.

Art. Look, but don't touch.
Girl: Damn I want to fuck your sister's ex-boyfriend.

Girl 2: Holy shit, they dated for five years. He's art.

Girl 1: So true. You can't fuck art.
by newsvava February 14, 2009
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
The symbiosis of knowledge and serenity.
We shall overcome(art)
by the superheroes July 06, 2015

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