1.) Something that poses talent.
2.) Any random splash of color.
3.) Any random picture of anything.
1.) Shakespear's plays are a work of art.
2.) Van Gogh painted art.
3.) That picture of a stalk of broccoli is art.
by The Guy Under Your Bed May 24, 2006
1. A conceptual manifestation that has been deemed as a work of art by the creating artist and the greater art community.
google: Marcel duchamp's readymades, Gorilla Girls, Arthur Ganson, David Mach....
by Justin T. T. December 18, 2005
Art is a bunch of scribbles some person sees a picture in.
Look at those blobs. They reminde me of rain, it must be art.
by CalMack September 17, 2006
that which is understood to be created for the unique purpose of translating non-empirical information into empirical form.
This dance is a work of art because it was choreographed to symbolize sexual frustration.
by Leo July 16, 2003
To not be correct or to mislead in any way. If someone is Bullshitting, they intail are art. Also if someone is to be found guilty of such "Art", the culprit becomes an artist.
My man said he gets paid 1500 a week but i think that nigga is Art. We might as well call him Picasso.....
by Habbolish February 07, 2006
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