1.An enigma wrapped in a riddle
Art is perplexing.
I love Art.
by Dalpra May 22, 2003
Art is seduction. An excellent professor once said that art is like a carrot tantalizingly placed in front of a donkey's face. If the carrot is too far away, then the donkey will not want to chase it. However, if it's too close, then the donkey will eat the carrot and no longer care about it. Art is the carrot, and the viewer is the donkey. Art must be just far enough to seduce the viewer into desiring it.
That artwork nearby looks tasty.
by Meeshballer June 03, 2007
man who loves diana
and porn
russian kid
by ff November 25, 2003
What used to be a visual medium of expression is now a pop-culture fad.
Abstract art sucks. Painted cows, cheese-covered walls, blotches on canvas, and sidewalk feces/blood exhibitions are not art!
by AYB March 26, 2003
Something that is either beautiful, amazing, and emotionally evoking... Unless it's something made by someone with REALLY good persuasive skills and/or excuses.
Art Dealer: So, what does this black dot in the middle of this gigantic canvas represent?
"Artist": Umm...
Art Dealer: Wait, don't tell me. It represents the small impurities in all things that appear to be pure!
"Artist": Sure let's go with that. It also represents contrast, negative space, etc...
by Ebony Chalk December 21, 2008
Expression according to aesthetic principles. For that matter, anything artificial and is above ordinary significance. Some might argue, anything artificial at all is art. But in most's opinions it should provoke a feeling or emotion.
That piece of art is truly amazing!
by GEARZ May 26, 2008
1) When beauty, complexity, philosophy, genius and sensuality all have a gang bang together, this misbegotten but wondrous creation ensues.

2) What Jack Nicholson makes until someone dies.

3) Something that turns up in eXistenZ, when Willem Dafoe mentions a video games called ArtGod, as in "ThouArtGod".
Art. Who could ask for anything more?
by Fearman August 25, 2007

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