The human concept of art is an escape from reality, a brief encounter with a ficticious thought, your mind's flirtation with an external fantasy.
Without Art there would be no existance.
by Chris Horridge January 09, 2005
1.short for Arthur
2. a way of expressing yourself with pictures, plays/skits, songs, etc.
Hey, i was just over at Art's house, he is so cool.
by Pip January 06, 2005
a guy with 1 arm and 1 leg hanging on the wall
by MrHaT July 02, 2003
The most successful of all money making scams.
Any "good artist" is a valid example.
by lawlerskaters, no name March 05, 2006
1 - Term only non-artists feel they have to define.
2 - Justification for free porn.
1 - All art is an imitation of nature
2 - This isn't child pornographie, its "art".
by Green Anarchist September 28, 2003
1.An enigma wrapped in a riddle
Art is perplexing.
I love Art.
by Dalpra May 22, 2003
Art is seduction. An excellent professor once said that art is like a carrot tantalizingly placed in front of a donkey's face. If the carrot is too far away, then the donkey will not want to chase it. However, if it's too close, then the donkey will eat the carrot and no longer care about it. Art is the carrot, and the viewer is the donkey. Art must be just far enough to seduce the viewer into desiring it.
That artwork nearby looks tasty.
by Meeshballer June 03, 2007

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