The most belligerent expression of political, spiritual or emotional conception known to man; art is literally transforming one's most inflamed personal sentiments and perceptions into a tangible creation, designed for no other purpose then the architect's own personal satisfaction. Anything else is a marketing scheme.
Renoir was an artist. Hugh Hefner is a salesman.
by nethcev! April 28, 2004
A Canadian Prick, who is a non-member member of a non-clan clan.
Art is a Canadian Prick. Art is a Resident Prick.
by quiksilvr88 December 05, 2009
anything the artist says is art
i am a work of art and everybody knows it
by workofart April 14, 2008
The single most useless word in the English language. Anything (or nothing) can be art, when viewed from the proper perspective.
"That isn't art!"
"Why not?"
by hayaji January 24, 2007
art is any visual, literary, and/or auditory representation of an idea, with an intended message, which invokes emotion in an audience.
examples of art include, but are not limited to: poems, literature, music, dance, pottery, sculptures, painting/drawing, etc.
by armoguy January 28, 2008
Art comes from within and so expects a "within" answer from the viewer whatever the form of it is.
I saw a paiting and i cried because it made me feel like I wasn't doing the right thing. that's art.
by Jose Luis October 09, 2005
Art is something experienced and/or created with ones mind, heart, and soul.
Her art is as vibrant as she herself is.
by Becky April 25, 2005

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