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Acronym- Anal Rectal Twink.

A.R.T.'s is a type of homosexual who only prefers to be the one being fucked and has no interest in doing the fucking.
There goes an A.R.T. lets go smear the queer.
by twinko twinko lil star April 08, 2010
A guy with a really large nose. He usually knocks people over with it, and generally gets in the way. If he has a runny nose, it causes landslides.
Oh my god, its art! Dive to the left before he steamrolls you with his nose!
by Some fat doode June 11, 2010
Stands for Absolutely Rooted Time. Usually refering to a night that one regrets the next morning.
"How was your night mate? Oh it was a work of ART!"
by Muggus November 26, 2003
all retards together
you need to go to art
by mr.fucker April 17, 2011
Awesome Rocking Tits
"Hey Nick! Check out that set of ART's!"
by bpcote April 07, 2010
An expression of self, mind, body or spirit; A creative medium for one to express him or herself.

Can be audial, visual, or sunsual, often two or more of the above three.:)

Art is a great expression of self.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
A picture of time.
Definition taken from "Art on the Playground" by Tommy LM
Kid one: "Art is an expression."
Kid two: "I don't actually believe that. I believe that art is a picture of time"
by Kayke and Kandy July 30, 2009