Any form of human self expression, creatively in the attempt achieving reactions amongst the senses or feelings or emotions. It can also be complex works of literature,music,paintings and sculptures,etc In where a deep message or meaning can be found Art is almost anything that humans do and doesn't have to be the pompous crap that most people defining the term on this site say it is.good art is like beauty and based on the beholder.It can be simple, it is all to appeal to people of many personality types.
Lady gaga is an artist, she intrigues me with her catchy music and avant garde fashion.I feel a sense of belonging because she is so strange, she tells me(and her fans) that iam not the only one of who likes strange tastes.
by sailornaruto39 June 27, 2010
It's a bang/explosion/blast.
"Art is a blast!"
"Fine art is the beauty of that single fleeting moment of explosion."
by AnnaTrancy June 01, 2012
--The quality of a communication.--

People are capable of near infinite concepts and ideas. Writing, painting, singing, talking, movies and many more are all means by witch you can convey your ideas to another. But did they get it? How clearly do your words get across a 3D object? If you drew a picture of a celebrity would people that see it recognize the celeb?

Art is simply how well you can use the tools and techniques of any medium to get that medium to communicate a thought, person, action, feeling, you name it.
I once saw a painting that I was told was done by a pro. When I looked at it, I nor anyone could tell what the point was of the painting. Thus he was not a pro at all.

"In the movie, you see the battle field and right away you know this is going to be epic. The music starts slowly and your heart starts pounding. You see the ferocity on faces and feel the desperation these people had. The weapons shatter under steel and muscle. It was only then that I realized what it must have been like and what these people had to go through to win their freedom." Now that is art.
by Scotchman November 02, 2009
Anal Ring Toss
Chris loves art!
A.R.T. that is
by MEGAaaron January 06, 2009
beautiful pantings drawn by an artist
Pablo Picasso is an artist
by Punisher1535 December 13, 2014
Traditional) The expression of ideas through a medium. Usually, considered beautiful by yourself and/or others.

A medium: Basically anything that helps convey/show your/the art. Not a pencil that's an drawing utensil, like a canvas.
The Mona Lisa is considered a peice of art.
by Anon-Definer April 11, 2014
Assuming room temperature. A phase commonly used by paramedics to let their coworkers know that the patient is dead and not worth the effort.
"Hey Chris should I bring in the monitor?". " No, this guy's ART."
by Dick Reckem July 16, 2005

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