A london football team with an extreamly high Chav following, don't even have an englishman as captain, now that ain't right!
What! Theiery Honrey scores another goal! making him arsenal's top scorer, ...........and only scorer!
by David Bayliss July 04, 2006
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aka: The Invincibles
First team to go a whole premiership season unbeaten,
enough said.
what a thoroughly entertaining arsenal match that was
by Lew_W December 23, 2005
the first English team ever to field a starting XI featuring no English players.
Reporter: Why won't you play English players?
Arsene Wenger: Je ne sais pas.
by Jit February 17, 2005
Probably the best damn soccer team in the English Premier League. Much Better than Man U
Hey look, Arsenal won the F.A. cup again
by man u sucks February 15, 2005
A highly skilled football team based in London. Arsenal are current championships of the best footballing league in Europe.
"Damn, Arsenal just won 7-0 again :("
"Yey, 9727 points clear now :)"
by Matthew Smith March 03, 2005
An English football team located in Highbury, moved from the Woolwich arsenal, hence the name. They are the first English football club to go an entire season without losing a game. During the seventies they were know as 'the boring arsenal', due to their highly defensive style of play, but now play attacking, entertaining football, and pass better than any other English team.
Can you pass like the Arse? Arsenal are THE OFFICIAL untouchables.
by t-mass August 15, 2006
A NORTH london football team based in highbury (at time of writing).Better than a team called Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs are jealous cause we are better and have a better history. The only thing that makes them feel good about themselves is that they have been based in North London a few years longer than us. Losers.

Just look at their badge. We have a canon, united have a devil, Spurs have a prancing wet hen.
We love u Arsenal, we do
We love u Arsenal, we do
We love u Arsenal, we do
Oh arsenal we love you
by gunnersfan April 27, 2006
The best damn soccer/football team in the world.
Hey look, Arsenal beat Man Utd in the FA Cup! In penalties!
by Gooner May 25, 2005
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