leave my bottom alone you arse bandit
by bob July 12, 2003
A person that is homosexual in an environment of straight people.
"josh c is an arse bandit"
by some_guy March 29, 2005
Paul Eason is an arse-bandit
by Michael Pendriegh August 11, 2003
A male homosexual. One of many descriptive terms derived from the unnatural practice of sticking one's dick up another male's chocolate starfish. Also see knobjockey, turdburglsr, shitstabber, brownhatter, shirtlifter, pillowbiter, etc.
Michael Barrymore? Someone should top that fucking murdering arsebandit.
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
the name of a British comedy group (website: www.Youtube.com/ArseBanditTV).

The Arse Bandits have been known to do sketches and stunts, including stapling ones bolocks, throwing an unplanned rave in a chip shop and asking the cashier in a coffee shop for a blowjob.

Can be used to describe somebody's actions if they behave in a similar way.
"Yeah Danny put lube on Rhi's forehead. Danny's a right arsebandit."
by Malikibob May 13, 2009
an arsebandit is a male that fucks other males.also see ringpirate
oi dale winton you fat old arsebandit wots the lotto numbers gona be this week.
by badgerroy123 March 05, 2008
a arsebandit is somebody that loves anal, commenly used at a unsult
dude, seen him over there? he's a arsebandit.
by ec,mrijidjkjvkli549809 January 12, 2010

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