meaning of good/great
describing something good
that is aronious
thats aronious
smoking a joint would be aronious
by Umdinger January 07, 2006
Top Definition
Something that is completely unheard of and wrong. Extremely false accusations made at someone. This was used in the movie Wedding Crashers by Vince Vaughn: "Aronious on all counts!!"
Bill: You never come party anymore

Jim: Aronious to that!! I party 4 times a week man!
by Mark Mikkelsen March 08, 2006
The way one might spell the word "erroneous" (which is defined as containing or characterized by error) if they believe the first thing they read after a Google search.
When Matt erroneously misspelled the word "erroneous" as "aronious", Willie was forced to stage a sit-in.
by Willie Mammoth April 02, 2007
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