Lotsa love.

Aroha meaning love, and nui meaning big.
from New Zealand Maori.

This word also used in New Zealand English.
Arohanui to you all.
by Br3nda January 23, 2010
Top Definition
Maori, language of the indigenous people of New Zealand.

(noun) with deep affection - often used in signing off letters to friends. More correctly, it should be written as two words, aroha nui. See aroha, nui.

aroha: 1. (verb) (-ina,-tia) to love, feel pity, feel concern for, feel compassion, empathise. Aroha ana ngā tangi a ō mātou wāhine (HM 4/2009 wh1).The crying of our women was heart-rending.

2. (noun) affection, sympathy, charity, compassion, love, empathy. Tērā tātau e rongo kei te tuwha haere a Henare i ana hipi, i ana kau ki a Ngāti Porou, hei kaihaukai māna ki tōna iwi, he nui nō tōna aroha! (Pipi 7/1900 wh8). We have heard that, because of his charity, Henare is distributing his sheep and cows to Ngāti Porou as feasts for his people. See also aroha nui.

nui: 1. (stative) be large, big, many, plentiful, numerous, great, abundant, ample, superior, of high rank, important. He nui hoki ngā taika kei te ngahere tata atu ki taua kāinga (TTT 1/6/1923 wh3).There are also many tigers in the bush near that village. See also aroha nui.

2. (noun) size, quantity, vastness, greatness, importance, amount, abundance, plenty, rank

Te Aka Māori-English, English-Māori Dictionary and Index
Edition: 1st, Pages: 376, Edition publication date: 2005
Publisher: Longman/Pearson Education New Zealand
ISBN: 0-582-54836-5

Aroha, also a popular female name.
Mason, You are a cherished friend. Aroha nui, Ann
by Username3131 June 04, 2010
meaning love you in maori

*often written as a fearwell at the end of letters to friends
"See you tomorrow, Arohanui"

see ArohaTahi
by Kiwichick565 October 24, 2009
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