Human flesh over a GOP chassis. Always out there. Coming for your support. Cannot be reasoned with. Cannot be bargained with. Does not feel pain, or fear, or pity, or remorse. And it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until it gets to the White House.
Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Guten Tag. Mein name is Ahh-nuld. I want your vote, your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.
by Fearman September 15, 2007
A totally sweet action hero of many movies in which physic and reality play little to no part.
Newslady: Arnold Schwarzenegger, do you have a political platform yet?
AS: I'm a cop you idiot.
by Mizarc September 14, 2003
A t-800 sent thorw time by skynet
to Infiltrate America and slowly
work it's way up to President.once it becomes President it will begin construction on the military defence computer skynet and start Jugdement Day.
Don't fuck with Arnold Schwarzenegger he's a terminator
by calgore September 01, 2008
The Governor of The Republic of California, a former movie star and buisinessman who successfully ran for governor against the failed and corrupt Gray Davis. He is known as the Governator and enjoys crushing girly men, robots, and illegal aliens. Mess with him, and you will feel the full wrath of the Governator. He traveled back in time to ensure the survival of John Connor. His last name need not be said (or spelled), he is simply referred to as Arnold. His list of accomplishments can be viewed at He is looking forward to serving a second term in office. Keep it up, Arnold! California is proud of you!
"I'll be back"

"Join Arnold! Together, we'll bring back California"

"Our governor can beat up your governor!"

"your borders have been breached!!!"

"two words: Arnold Schwarzenegger"
by peopleofcalifornia June 21, 2006
One of the greatest action stars of all time. Arnold has been in movies since the 1970's, starting with his bodybuilding feature "Pumping Iron". He is a 7-time Mr. Olympia winner and his nicknames include, The King, Arnie, Champ, The Olympian, and The Austrian Oak.
Did you ever see Terminator 3?
No, was Arnold Schwarzenegger able to pull it off? He's getting old.
Hell yeah he was able to pull it off!!!
by rchristopherc April 01, 2008
The ultimate spelling bee word.
Arnold Shwartzenegger. Arnold Swarzenagger. Arnold...Swartzinegger...Arnold- ah, to hell with writing this example.

(so it can conform to the UD guidelines: Arnold Schwarzenegger)
by AAAAAAAAAAAAA April 29, 2008
A badass mofu governator, who has insane biceps, cool accent, inhaled and exhaled everything and who is probably the only actor that can be so shit at acting, that it actually turns out to be awesome!
Crazy lady: Nothing hurts you..
Awesome Arnold Schwarzenegger: Only pain!
by ChrisO'Neat April 29, 2010
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