Creep aka creeper. Great at carrying on a conversation about himself. Is easily bored to death should the topic switch to you or to someone other than himself. Sometimes narcolepsy may even ensue due to his lack of interest. He is full of it. Full of shit, lame excuses, lame stories, and is plain full of bull.
My Sister: Armondo's on the phone!

Me: Tell him to go away I don't have time to feed his ego today!

My Sister: "Armondo, I'm sorry she's busy right now."
by Exhausting! August 28, 2011
Top Definition
If you are named Armondo, then you are most likely the coolest kid in school, nothing can be compared with this kid, he is handsome, ripped, and talented in many ways. Girls love him because he's cute, funny, and charming. If you know anyone named Armondo you should definitely become friends with him, or start flirting with him the next time you see him.
Me: Yo dude Me and Armondo are going to the movies with some chicks, you wanna come?
Friend: Man, if Armondo's going then I'm totally in.
by Michael Alexander Montez August 21, 2011
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