The spring loaded arm of the AUX sight according to SSG Jacobs.
After you adjust the armitage of the sight, go ahead and adjust the brightness and contract.
by jiggly February 08, 2005
Top Definition
The most amazing surname in history of the world..
If you know an Armitage then you're incredibly lucky, they're just so incredibly amazing!
_____ Armitage is the most amazing person ever!!
by lralra October 10, 2011
Abbreviation of "Armitage Shanks" (popular brand of bathroom appliance including showers) meaning: to have a shower and a wank.
Theres no privacy, I had to have an armitage mate.
by Offbeat July 29, 2004
A small lesion often found on one's scrotum
I found a small Armitage on my balls. I'm going to die
by japes June 04, 2015
as in Armitage Shanks (makers of bathroom fittings) - used to infer the term "Toilet"

also as a form of derision
Have you seen Dave's new car? It's total Armitage!
by KazzieP May 20, 2005
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