A very beautiful girl with a boyfriend named Siavash.
Armita is an amazing girl and her boyfriend loves her very much. She is also very sexy
That girl is so beautiful, she's such an Armita
by siaavaash September 14, 2010
Top Definition
Armita | a symbol or token of G-d,

ARM : emblem, symbol, representation, token, image, figure, mark, sign; crest, badge, device, insignia, stamp, seal, heraldic device, coat of arms, shield; logo, trademark, brand.

ITA : G-d, lord, higher-power, creator, almighty
Gender: Female
Origin: Old-Persia, common through North West regions+ of now, Iran.
My name is Armita.
by writtenwords November 24, 2012
An awesome girl who likes kpop idols and is very smart, the future president of the US, and Lee Taemin's wife
WOW,you're such an Armita.
by 1234ilovepie December 17, 2011

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