An amazing race of intellectuals and powerful individuals who tend to be feared by a majority of people in various nations. The strength of the Armenians is present in all forms, particularly in illegal activities, where they tend to run things. Essentially, other worthless beings who fear them and do not have the guts to confront the Armenians with their opinions on them post up negative remarks about them in websites such as this.
The terrified individuals who post on this website don't have the balls to confront Armenians with their true opinions in reality.
by Ballsy Fellow February 16, 2007
Some one from Armenia. Always whining about the Genocide inflicted by the Turks.

The men do a lot of insurance and automobile fraud. The men all have buzzed heads and wear tommy hilfiger jeans and sean john velour sweat suits. They smoke parliament cigarettes while kneeling down, and refer to eachother as "arrah".

The women are either drop dead gorgeous, or fat and ugly -Nuff Said.

Armenians are very fraudulent people.
by SamtheMan420420 May 18, 2006
A race I'm not proud to be part of.
I hate being Armenian.
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
people who talks lie.they enjoy lie,and they are big liars.armen=men who talks lie.
-don't talk like armenian
by alexander67 July 02, 2007

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