Someone who is from Armenia or of armenian decent. Generally have big beautiful eyes, thick eyebrows, thick black hair, and large noses.
Person 1: are you Armenian?
Person 2: yes how did you know?
Person 1: well Im armenian also and i noticed by ur eyes and big nose.
by haroutttttttttt March 04, 2009
The Armenians are an anciant race that have gone through bullshit since we were put on this earth. We used to be a country of kingas and great rulers until the world started hating. We are the victims of genocide from the turks and because of it we are spread out all over the world of our biggest places of residence outside armenia is southern cali in hollywood, glendale, north hollywood, pasadena and burbank. We have the best and the worst from our Rabiz fobers to our armo O.G.'s to the high class moneymakers and officials of society...however we are a proud race except for the couple of self haters...
These armenians are on the rise man.
by Hovo July 22, 2006
Not white but likes to pretend they are.
Guy 1: Salid was telling everyone that he's white
Guy 2: What?! He's Armenian! What's he playing at?
Guy 1: He's trying to bang a white chick.
by truth master November 01, 2010
The best type of wog there is. They live off kebabs, wraps and whiskey. They are very hairy and their women are beutiful. Although sometimes thought as being hairy. Mainly hate turks because of the 1915 armenian genocide killing 1.5 million.
Armenians give wogs a good name.
by Body Caruana January 13, 2008
Armenians, they're incredibly proud of their culture and should be. Armenians are famous for the kardashian sisters. They're curvy women, and intellectual men. Armenians are hard working and survivors of the 2nd largest genocide in world history. They're women have the best ass's in the world, and large boobs. They're loud and proud and sexy.
Armenian pride world wide
by armenianwannabee January 18, 2011
If you initially treat someone a friend and share everything u have with him/her, even your home, but if one day that man/woman becomes rabid, and forces you to leave your own home by hypocritically claiming that it does not belong to you anymore then that man/woman is called armenian.

Are you armenian? Why are you doing that?

Don't be armenian.
by hasanlianar July 10, 2008
An amazing race of intellectuals and powerful individuals who tend to be feared by a majority of people in various nations. The strength of the Armenians is present in all forms, particularly in illegal activities, where they tend to run things. Essentially, other worthless beings who fear them and do not have the guts to confront the Armenians with their opinions on them post up negative remarks about them in websites such as this.
The terrified individuals who post on this website don't have the balls to confront Armenians with their true opinions in reality.
by Ballsy Fellow February 16, 2007

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