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A practice most seen with Gypsy people or Armenian males: Where, in lieu of a REAL shower, they spray a giant cloud of bad, musky cologne over their heads and, as the cologne drops descend upon them, they proceed to rub it into their skin, face and clothes, looking almost as if they're bathing. Sadly, this often results with them ending up more smelly then when they started. The combined odors of overpowering, stinky cologne and STANK bodily odors hit you with a double dose of funk.
"I know Max has been going through some problems, but he really needs to get his ass in the tub. Lately, all he takes are 'Armenian showers' and they aint fooling no one!"
by CactusHeart December 12, 2009
When, after being out and about all day long, sweating up a storm, instead of taking a shower like most normal people do you wipe yourself down with the strongest cologne you own. Most people who do this are trying to offset the cost of paying water bills to be able to keep driving their salvage titled Mercedes.
Wow! In Glendale they sell cologne over soap ten-fold. Nothing but Armenian showers over there. You can see the smog layer from all those cologne fumes.
by 6 Pounds Soft March 02, 2012
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