What the turks have been activley engaging in seince the 50s. First successful, because Nato did not want to tick off a Allie, against Communism. But now that they don't have the threat to leave Nato and help Communists, as a shield the denial is finally starting to wear thin.
Armenian Genocide denial is just as bad as Holocaust Denial
by SiD Hawth October 14, 2006
Top Definition
Turkey, to this day, denies that they ever created "acts of genocide" against the Armenians in the early 20th century.
Turks: We didn't created acts of genocide against the Armenians..
Armenian: Yes, you did.
Turks: I assure you we didnt.
Armenians: Yes. You are doing what you call Armenian Genocide Denial.
Turks: Uh... no....
by Become a Screamer November 25, 2006
An inflammatory term meant to stifle debate for a claim that remains unproven, as forms of the word "denier" drum up images of neo-Nazis questioning the Holocaust, and may be taken as a code word for hatred. The Armenians turned traitorous, allying themselves with WWI's Russia, Britain and France, and the Ottoman Turks resettled them during a life and death war, until the danger was past; naturally, resettlement cannot be the same as genocide. The Armenians who died mostly died through non-murderous reasons, as famine and disease, same as the bulk of the nearly three million other Ottomans who died; the massacred Armenians were victims of renegade forces and revengists (for the unknown widescale ethnic cleansing crimes perpetrated by the Armenians against Ottoman Muslims and Jews), comprising a comparatively smaller number. There is absolutely no evidence of a Nazi-like extermination campaign conducted by the Ottoman Turks, and the real evidence actually shows how much the Ottomans tried to protect their Armenians. (For example, the British planned a "Nuremberg" after the war, the Malta Tribunal, and were in possession of the Ottoman archives in occupied Istanbul. Today in the British archives may be found Ottoman documents demonstrating protection, not murder. The British could find no evidence whatsoever, and all the accused Turks were set free.) If a charge is untrue, it would be the duty of any honorable party to say it is untrue, after conducting the objective research necessary; that is, "denial" would be every honorable person's obligation.
Armenians: You are performing Armenian Genocide denial.
Turks: Armenian Genocide denial is a term used to cloud the historical facts. How would you like it if someone accused you, without evidence, of a crime you didn't commit? Would you not be engaging in a very loud denial?
Armenians: Uh... no....
by truthfully-yours May 23, 2008
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