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In reference to a particularly enthusiatic session of masturbation
Sorry geoff, can't play cricket at the moment - still recovering from an armbreaker I had this morning.
#wank #masturbate #hand to gland combat #bash the bishop #guru palm and the five towers of wisdom
by Davidoff Eglinksi March 23, 2009
a very long masturbation session, where it feels almost like your arm is ready to break.
john: i had a wank last night and it was a propper arm breaker!

jack: fuck me mate you need a bird!
by buzz December 22, 2003
a huge line of cocaine done by peer pressure; "twisting someone's arm" until it breaks.
Let's line up some fat arm breakers!
#cocaine #coke #rails #yayo #coca #line
by joe c. blow September 11, 2006
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