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(n.) an alternative name for "silly bands", specifically those in the shape of animals. Derived from the notion that they are a farm on your arm. Term coined by genius Marlon Murasko
Person 1: dude nice arm farm
Person 2: thanks bro, it helps me get so much pussy
Person 1: sick, i need to start one
by fishbox July 10, 2010
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The name given to the collection of animal shaped rubber bands on one's arm.
Kerry: Hey! Check out my new seahorse rubberband!
Cody: Why the fuck are you raising an arm farm?
by grenade4yoas June 22, 2010
When one has a giant collection of useless rubber-bands on either or both arms. And these rubber bands are to be in the shape of animals and worn in many different colors and species
Zach: dude!!! so i totally hit up on this new fad, check out these lame ass rubber bands in the shape of animals!

tony: Whoa dude!!! i totally got some too! i can see you are increasing the size of your arm farm.


Susan: hey Daniel, how do you like my arm farm?
Daniel: pretty rad Susie!!!! i have over 200 animals in my arm farm, i wasted $200 on these!
by sawa454 June 19, 2010

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