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-A very small, mostly caucasian, Catholic school in Arlington MA. Sports oriented, they take pride and excel in hockey and football. Although owned by Italians, the school is predominantly Irish and has a very strong school spirit as a result. The way of life revolves around the school mascot...the COUGAR!

-Although not the best, or most fun school compared to others academically, socially, or sports-wise, they have become the foremost name in the Greater Boston private high-school league.

AC kid - "Malden Catholic SUCKS....Austin Prep SUCKS...and St. Johns Prep SUCKS!!!"

Other kid - "You must be from AC huh?"


Frosh - "I'm a freshmen at AC"

MC/SJP/AP kid - "You mean GAY-C? LOL!"

Frosh - "..?.."


"Cougars!" - Arlington Catholic High School
by DeMott April 07, 2007

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