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A person born and raised in the state of Arkansas. The term is not as widely known as "Arkansan" but is associated more with the rural areas and is considered the "correct" term for an Arkansas native. Most people who claim the title of Arkansawyer are very proud of their state heritage and find the term Arkansan incorrect due to the fact that they were born in Arkansas and not Kansas.
a person born in arkansas: "I am an Arkansawyer"
#arkansawyer #arkansas #state names #terms #nicknames
by Big Red0636 June 20, 2010
A bastardization of "Arkansan," used to describe people from Arkansas. Often found in speech riddled with words like "ain't" and "gitonouttahya."
Teacher said I s'posed ta say "Arkansan," but I ain't gonna stop sayin' "Arkansawyer."
#syn: arkansan #arkie #arky #arkansasan #arkansian
by Hoggodore March 14, 2011
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