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When a woman has just the slightest bit of Areola (skin around nipple) peaking through their outfit. Just the slightest bit of brown shading qualifies an Arizona Sunrise. This looks similar to a sunrise where the sun is just rising up over the horizon, but not quite there. Not to be confused with a "Slip of the Nipple".
Waiter: "Damn did you see the Arizona Sunrise at Table 23?"

Busboy: "Shit...not yet. I'll check it out. What size nips we talkin?"

Waiter: "At least Silver Dollars"
by DesertBum July 03, 2014
Discreetly ejaculating on the back of someone's knee.
Last night my girl said she was too tired for sex so after she fell asleep I gave her an Arizona Sunrise and went back to my place.
by 2MS February 18, 2015

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