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It is the unique position of sitting on the crapper with a straight back, legs crossed over the knees, one hand on the waist the other under the chin giving you the appearance of a deep philosophical thinker. Best done in the complete nude. It was invented by Jishnu Das.
"I burst into my toilet the other day and found JD in the Aristocrap...he looked fucking MAJESTIC!"
by IcallmypeenTheDragon December 10, 2012
The cantankerous bowel movements associated with the morning after one drinks expensive or high quality alchoholic beverages in excess.
Leonard- " Dude, this morning my aristocraps were so putrid that I had to take off my shirt and use it as a fan while on the shit-pot."

Jesus-" Rough times."
by Ollie Vector November 20, 2006
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