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a laid back beach-bum type who likes pizza and skateboards. It will probably steal your chillskin if you leave it laying around.
Person#1: "someone stole my chillskin!"
Person#2: "That is such an aristides thing to do"
by nottoosure February 03, 2010
5 4
Normally a name given to a Greek guy with dark hair and dark eyes.

"Aristide" guys are rare, but this is for a good thing because they are amazingly hot, nice and lovable!
girl 1: OMG that guy is amazing I'de love to ...
Jess: ... Aristide's MY boyfriend...

girl 1: Ah.
by mareilsurmauldre January 14, 2011
9 0
Weed, Marijuana (not hash)

derived from the former Dictator of Haiti, Jean Bertran Aristide.

Kind of in the cockney vain of slang terms (rhyming with the original term, Aristide-weed)
I went down to the Plaza and I met a couple of fine african gentlemen who were able to introduce me to President Aristide
by Lou Stenspayce April 01, 2004
9 5