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The name given to the relationship between Adam and Christa in Becoming Human. The term was first made by the Becoming Human Blog after realising that they like each other during one of the episodes

This relationship hasn't yet been made official

These two characters are completely fictional
OMG Arista kiss!!
by Lonnie blogger April 14, 2011
The most beautiful girl that I could ever have she is my best friend and girl friend even though she is tiny she can hold her own because she comes from a family of 8 soon to be 9 kids. I'm the luckiest kid alive. She is super sexy and seductive and kind of a dominatrix but I love her sooooo much and I am looking forward to being with her for the rest of my life. <3 I love you forever and always William
A beautiful girl the has a rare name Arista
by William a Thew July 08, 2012
Arista is a girl, that looks amazing with like blonde/green hair and its just like omg. And shes a little shit. But a good type of shit. Aww yeai. That type of shit B). Shes got all that yoloswaq and is pretty damn attractive. But omg purple hair staphhhhhh.
Arista u lil shit
by asdfghjklqwertyasdf October 02, 2013