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Verbally active person. Impossible to study with.
Ur such an Arina!
by sf December 15, 2003
A mysterious creature that leaves you in suspence of her every move. Her hair is as bright as the sun and glows under the moon, capturing the eye of any in her presence. Youl feel the true meaning of life again.
boy: did you see Arina? i wanna see her again!

Arina is breath taking
by yosayoh* February 11, 2012
A beautiful and amazing girl. Usually from Russia. Has an amazing personality and a great sense of humour. Very tall and is very likely to be a model. All the boys swoon as she walks past them blinking her blue eyes and stroking her golden hair. Nicknames are usually Reena or Reeny
Hey, have you heard of that girl Arina?

Yeah! She sounds like a really nice girl! She's clever too!
by uwotmate November 06, 2013
biggest jew in the face of the earth
oh man i was talking to this a rina, and i told her to get in the oven
by jr whiz June 06, 2011
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