The most amazing, beautiful, dorky person you will ever meet. He's perfectly imperfect, constantly making you laugh and he's always sweet as can be. He's a total cutie and the best thing that has ever walked into your life.
You're definitely an Arik.
by Arik's favorite person February 15, 2012
Top Definition
A kid who is an amazing friend, one who you can count on for anything. Someone who is a sweetheart, asshole, a CUUUUUTIEEE, and really freaking funny. You don't find many things weird or awkward at all when you guys are together. Don't bother trying to hate him, or start drama 'cause he won't let it effect him at all.
He's sooo Arik!
by Arik's best friend December 11, 2010
A badass who wears shorts all year round. Even when the weather drops to drastic tempuratures like -35 degrees, this badass can be seen braving the cold in his jean shorts.
"Look at that kid in jean shorts, doesn't know it is cold out. He must be one big badass named Arik."
by soothsayer567 January 19, 2009
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