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When you say something random or refer to something that really doesn't have a definition, you put a random adjective and noun together and use it as its own new definition (note: never repeat the defintions- keep them original)!- thats the Arielle way

Born May 20th in South Florida (the bOC to be exact). She currently attends the University of Florida. She's tall, hot and fun! She's a kick ass dancer! I <3 her- you've got to know her!
Arielle: "It smells like a naked grandmother up in here"
Bijou: "Ha thats such an ARIELLE thing to say"
Arielle: "Indeed, whoa I like that chair, its like a cool color- somewhere between my candle in my living room cream and my neighbors cat cream, but I don't like the shape- it looks like a fat camel sat on a coffe table"
by Nicole Richie March 03, 2005

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