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One of the oldest communities in Nova-Scotia, dating back wayyy into the 1700s. At that time, this town was quite famous. Now a days, no one knows we even exist. St. FX University started in Arichat, but was later moved to Anitgonish, where it remains today. Arichat has a very small population, where 75% of people are over the age of 50, 5% between 0-5, 5%-6-12, 10% between 13-19 and 5% between 20-49. Arichat is about 30 min. drive from the nearest mall, 2.5 hour drive from the nearest movie theater, and 4 hours from nearest international airport. Yes... were way out there in the middle of no where's... but hey, we do hae water, and a fish plant.. and the bumpiest, pot holed roads on earth.

Dude 1 : "I'm going to Arichat."
Dude 2 : "Where the hell is that!?"
by Tyler Molloy April 14, 2008
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