A blond haired blue eyed sweetheart. Super sweet and considerate. She can always bring a smile to your face and is a true friend. She's a great person to have on your side, but not someone to cross. She's small but tougher than she looks. She also has a fantastic ass!
"Have you met Arial? She's so nice!"
by krbkrbkrb September 15, 2013
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A bad imitation of Helvetica. This cheap "knockoff" typeface became popular due to Microsoft's corner-cutting decision to include it with Windows in place of the standard Helvetica.
CEO: Should we hire her? She seemed like a qualified candidate.

Interviewer: Nah, her resume was set in Arial and her cover letter was in Comic Sans.

CEO: Alright. I'm sure we can find someone else.
by M.C. Sarbanes-Oxalot April 21, 2008
The best person you will ever meet! So sweet and kind and considerate and loving. An all around perfect person. She has beauty and brains and personality. The ideal girl for any guy.
You're so lucky you're dating Arial! What a great girl.
by A4-Z33 February 05, 2014
A word used to describe Mexican stationary.

Also a nickname of a Disney Princess who was best friends with Mariana
"That's an arial"


"She looks like Arial!"
by Mariana April 11, 2005
the default font on the computer
person 1- arial is such a boring font
person 2- okay ill put chiller on instead
person 1- fine...
by 12357861 June 27, 2005
1. A sand-infested cunt
2. A tool used for oral or sexual pleasure. Often referred to as, 'the wave'
I slapped that Arial and said, 'Arial, shut up!'
by andykova September 04, 2003

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