City-destroying, giant, mutant lesbian with special powers. ONly known weaknesses are Buffy the Vampire Slayer and raised eyebrows.
An ariadne was wrecking Minneapolis between noon and three this afternoon.
by :ninja; March 16, 2003
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Commonly known as a princess from Greek mythology, she is tricked into marrying Dionysus.

A name for a very misunderstood girl. She is beautiful outside and in. People persieve her as one thing, but she is actually a very quiet reserved girl who has a huge heart. She has been hurt very badly in the past, but after much morning, pulled herself out of it. She is very lonley, and awaits change. She is always willing to help someone; she has a huge heart.
Last night, Ari (Ariadne) listened to me and gave me really good advice.
by Queenie12132321 January 15, 2010
Greek goddess, wife of Dionysus.
Ariadne makes Nietzsche spoof.
by MC Impious January 06, 2009
A piece of trash , useless
Did you see the ARIADNE in the street ; no wtf is that"
by urbiqqestniqhtmare June 05, 2011
all powerful female deity capable of destroying entire cities and entrapping hapless victims in her wonderous vagina. Enjoys lesbian activities and Alyson Hannigan
The Ariadne smote the wicked and sinful men before returning to her sultry concubines
by :tbear: March 16, 2003

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