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A very decided person. She has an idea about something, the idea will happen. She is a beautiful and very sensitive girl. She tries to hide her emotions and then bottles everything inside which usually makes her very stressed. Ariadnas can defend anything they've done or said. They usually don't say what they think but sometimes that turns out for the good. They have no problems making friends, you will never see an Ariadna as a loner. Ariadna's may not seem smart at first, but soon you will figure out their inside genius. Ariadnas ALWAYS look good in every outfit but our very picky and stubborn.
"I had Ariadna over last weekend. I don't know how I would've managed without her!"
by kepassa? February 11, 2010
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She is a person who will always try to see the good in people. She is always blaming herself for every wrong that's done. She's a crybaby in the sweetest way but also the biggest drama queen. She's dramatic because when she loves , she loves too much and when she hates , she hates too much. Ariadnas will always want a specific person for who they will dedicate their entire heart. (it can be family members , friends, lovers etc). She's very affective and she can easily be hurt only because she cares too much. When she says she loves someone , she really does (as a friend , as a family member , as a lover , doesn't matter).
Ariadna is that one different person I needed in my life!
by nonecanknow June 09, 2014

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