Someone who is well sexy,
like aria cheek.

amy badge is like is an aria, (well sexy)


by John hepburn May 27, 2008
An amazing person . Who will always be thier for u and will do her best to make u happy and smile . She is the most amazing person you could ever want in your life . She's fun to be around and talk to . She will change your life n make it so much better . Shes the most amazing person ever
Aria is my bestie for the restie and I love her so much
by Sunshine 12345 May 21, 2016
Not a guy who sits at home watching adult swim and being whatever that guy who claims he is the coolest dude in the world. Aria is a man or women, kind at heart but fierce in their passion. Typically they are beautiful and envied by all. As a descriptor it's being faithful, passionate, loyal to a T.
The guy who posted about the "geek who watches adult swim" wants to be aria but in fact he is the biggest pissy on the face of the earth. He trolls on the Internet all day and night and when he tries to act tough in real life someone like myself pulls out their AR-15 and shoot hit in the left and right foot, both knee caps, hands, shoulders , his balls and then you try to shoot him in the head to obliterate his brain but it's impossible because he doesn't have one. So sad QQ.
by The coolest guy in the world.. April 12, 2016
A handsome, very good looking male with a unique name when not used for a girl.

He can turn your underwear from being brand new, to being stained and in need of heading towards the washing machine!

At the beginning of your friendship, hey may be a bit socially awkward, though will turn into a don't-give-a-shit-about-what-I-say beast!
Though he may seem like a wimp at first, he'll do some crazy stuff when you get to know him.
James ~ Why does Aria get all the girls when he's so weak and a pussy?
Jerrald ~ I don't fucking know, it's frustrating!
Aria ~ Hey boys, let's go to the plaza tonight and rip up all the cardboard near the meet up with Santa thing, then maybe go to the fair and ride on that huge, fast ride you were talking about?
James ~ uh..
Jerrald ~ Maybe..
by UnicornsFlyingEverywhere March 23, 2013
An Aria is usually hyper. Short asian girl with big eyes. She is like a little minion that you can boss around whenever you want. Once an aria sees a guy she likes, she will obsess over him for years on end. And guys, we know how much you hate clingy girlfriends, so i wouldn't date an aria. But don't get on an arias bad side cuz she has guts and is not afraid to punch you to death. A big mouth for sure so dont ever tell her any secrets.
"God my girlfriend is so annoying she won't stop calling me"
"Is she an aria?"
by fappythedolphin January 06, 2013
Australian Record Industry Association. Just like the RIAA, but they don't sue 12yo girls.
Tbe ARIA is one of the better record companies.
by Sam October 04, 2003
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