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1. Correlated with bring fresh, fly, and fabulous.
2. A term that is used to describe someones strong will, intelligence, creativity and realness.
"The woman was held in contempt due to the lack of Aria in her demeanor.
by cha ching. July 25, 2008
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A totally fab girl who is totes gorg, and always is a there to give you a hug if you need one. She is always a good friend, and still thinks you look good even when you doubt it. She is a huge fashionista and very artistic. She usually doesn't like sports, because she's obvi too good for them. She draws doodles like nobody's bidniss. She is super skinny, and always wears SUPER cool clothes, and even some she makes herself. She has perfect dark hair and prepossessing eyes. She is also a complete hipster even though she denies it. She always works really hard at everything and is VERY smart. She knows your deal right when she looks at you, so don't even try to keep secrets from her. She usually says things like "you're basic" and "#hashtag." She also watches Keeping up with the Kardashians and Vampire Diaries. All of her total amaze balls friends say that she is the perfect girl, and anyone who tries to talk shit about her will have a pretty hard time because there is NOTHING bad about her.
Girl1: Hey look Aria's sitting over there, do you think she'll let us sit with her?

Girl2: Nah, probably not. She's way too cool for us.
by AnonHaterLuv February 09, 2014
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Aria is a gentle, kind, loving, beautiful, fancy, intelligent, an animal lover, a gamer girl and she's very very good at music. An Aria loves to listen to music and is always on her phone, tablet or computer. She has many friends and is very loyal. She is born with blonde hair that turns to brown when she gets older. She was also born with blue eyes. When she was born she had the love for the piano and guitar. She is all ways at the top of her class. And most importantly she is always happy. Of course she has tons of friends too. She's very awesome, cool, loves everything, vaunerable but powerful, loves all her friends and family, and she is the best girl you will ever know. So if you know an Aria your in luck.
Aria is so awesome I want to be like her!
by Music Lover 123 September 26, 2015
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Man that chick is beyond aria!


Don't piss off that girl, did you see that aria look in her eyes?
by ChelleBaby February 20, 2010
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My definition of an Aria would have to be Loyal...Outgoing...and absolutely Beautiful! Maybe I'm just describing myself because Aria my!
To Aria to know...hahaha..
by Aria Bowen May 05, 2005
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A very sexy wild party girl who loves to have fun!!
Oh dude, I wish I can screw Aria, she's so0 damn fine!
by aria June 30, 2004
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Pronounced Arr-E-Yah

A name given to both males and females. It means "air" in Italian, it used to be a country (now Iran), and it is also associated with Operas.
Person 1: Hello sir, name please?
Person 2: Aria Darabi, I'm on the VIP list.
Person 1: Ah yes, follow me.
Person 2: Cool.
by Stock Loc March 19, 2011
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