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The story of a young man named Takuto, whose life is ruined by an alien monster nicknamed "FRANK", as he killed the one Takuto loved, and severly wounded him. His life changes as well as his identity, which is now "Ryu Soma", who now works on a military service to seek and gain revenge on Frank (which is quite an obsession). However, this task he gave to himself is complicated by a young girl named Hattie Bartholomew, who not only befriends Frank, but ressembles Takuto's lost love.
by Delf June 23, 2003
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Kick-Ass anime with a frankenstein twist. The lead is called Ryu Soma and he flies some jet plane robot hybrid and totally kicks ass with his scarred face.
Damn that argentosoma kicks ass
by Laconic March 22, 2004
Soma - An online game The Myth Of Soma.
Lets go play Soma... Its Teh Win.
by Ben Baker June 24, 2003

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