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A story and result of an elected official's extramarital international affairs. In U.S. political sex lore, commonly associated with a South Carolina governor on a quest for marital redemption, who instead finds a path to adultery, infidelity and world confession.

A political Cad story making a mockery of Conservative Family Values as the founding doctrine of a Republican politician.

The press interview of a male slut after an international vacation.

Political hypocrisy with a sad apologetic face and a happy penis.
"Hey Joe, let's grab some brewskis and ask our lovely wives if we can go on a South American vacation to come back with our own Argentinean tales of Argentinean tail."
..."No Max, that's for politicians, I prefer to keep my truck, guns and trailerhouse without fighting over them in the divorce. And that's my Argentinean tale / Argentinean tail, and I'm sticking to it."
by benighse June 27, 2009
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