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The systematic slaughter of a large group of players in a team-based shooter, specifically game types that can be manipulated to reach their optimal lengths for maximum killing. i.e. Demolition in Call of Duty Black Ops

There are three commandments in Aren Ops.
1) No double planting or shortening rounds or game length.
2) Maximum time must be played.
3) Players must get over 100 kills but somehow, through some unexplained illogical timewarp in space, the team playing Aren Ops will lose.
4) Must drop shot and use all techniques to enrage opposing team.

But your kd will skyrocket.

Must use high killstreaks, such as SR-71 (Blackbird or NakiBird)
Doooood I got my 3.0 kd by playing Aren Ops! But my winloss went down to a .5.
by NaKi Tee June 16, 2011
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