a hoe or a skank with boobs that look fake or oranges
hey bob
that chicks an arely

by allan epihanio April 12, 2011
Top Definition
A drop dead gorgeous girl with stunning eyes that take your breath away.

She's living proof that people can make something of themselves no matter what background they come from.

She's a beast on the court. Very Athletic and strong. Nothing will bring her down.

Plus she gets down on the dance floor!
Here I'll give you Arely's number.
by LakerDollShell May 12, 2011
Arelys with a y is very hard to find. Very few people have it. Makes quite a difference from the commonly Arelis name with an i. It's unpronounceable for any English-speaking person. French people emphasize a strong pronunciation at the end.

Not very common anywhere. Do a search and you'll see.

Overall associated with very unique, creative, interesting, and mysterious people.

Also Arelys' are known for knowing more than what they tell.
Arelys is so vague, elusive and evasive.

That's so Arelys not to understand... or did she?
by Serenissi February 07, 2010

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