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A phrase used as a filler, greeting or other.
Xuxin: Sup?
Santosh: Not much. Are you mad?
by masta kevbo June 02, 2009
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making fun of an urban dictionary administrator that is deploying bits and pieces of this fine app, haphazardly, as if the other nerds won't notice and consequently getting made fun of.
I'm making fun of you. Are you mad? are you mad? are you mad? are you?

yes ;)
by Shoe in May 11, 2013
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Can be a casual way to basically ask "how did that go?" or "how do you feel now?" in a smart-ass/sarcastic manner. More used this way in Pittsburgh.
Person 1: Dude I wrecked my mom's car yesterday.
by Lizzzzy October 10, 2012
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