"Are you thirsty" is a drinking game similar to speed quarters.

It is named "Are you thirsty" because anytime someone is in position to win they say "Are you thirsty?" to the player about to loose (who drinks). This is often repeated and a key part of the game, similar to saying "UNO" in UNO.

To play a group of alcoholics sit around a table, each with a cup of beer used as a "backboard" for the 2 lowball glasses used to bounce a quarter into.

When each round starts the 2 players with the lowball glasses in front of them attempt to bounce a quarter into the lowball. If the quarter lands in any glass other than a lowball, then the shooter must drink whatever is in the glass, if the shooter makes it then the lowball, then it is passed on to the next person. The two lowballs circle the table untill both lowballs reach the same person. At this point the player who now has both lowballs has one final "rebutal" shot to keep the round going. If they fail on their rebutal then they loose and must take a shot before the next round starts.

A loosing player is not given a rebuttal shot if they were asked immediately before "Are you thirsty?" by the other shooter.

Anytime you are 1 shot away from catching the other shooter it is optimal strategy to ask "hey ____, are you thirsty?" Right before you force them to drink.

There are many rules and variations that different groups adopt including use of cards, matches, throwing knives, etc, all to keep the game exciting.
"How do want to celebrate TTUs win over Cincinnati?"
"Let's play Are you thirsty?"
"Hell yeah we'll get shwasted"

{while playing}
- "Hey Kim are you thirsty?" {miss}
- "Hey Kim are you thirsty?" {miss}
- "Hey Kim are you thirsty?" {make}

- "yes" :(
by Team Leach. December 29, 2012
Top Definition
Preface to "because i have a tall glass of shut the fuck up." Usually directed at someone who wont stop talking, though can be used after someone tells a really bad story.

This formula can be altered, changing the "thirsty" to any number of different adjectives.
Person1: "Hey are you thirsty?"
Person2: "No..?"
Person1: "Because I have a tall glass of shut the fuck up."

Person1: "Hey are you naked?"
Person2: "No..?"
Person1: "Because i have a squat wardrobe full of shut the fuck

Person1: "Hey are you hungry?"
Person2: "No..?"
Person1: "Because I have a large #3 combo with a side of shut
the fuck up."
by Fibula. March 29, 2009

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