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Widely considered to be the ultimate response when backed into an argumentative corner, this phrase has revolutionised academic debate since its inception in the early 17th century.
John Stuart Mill: Immanuel, I believe we should define the rightness of actions by a consequentialist theory of ethics.

Kant: Are you calling my mum a liar?

JS Mill: What? No....

Kant: Well shut up then.
by Mook November 12, 2004
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The ultimate comeback to any request, insult, or question. Completely and utterably unanswerable.
Delia Smith: Now we just need to drain the parsnips, and Gordon could you spread the Italian Pesto over those pheasant breasts?

Gordon Ramsay: Are you calling my mum a liar?

Delia Smith: Am I what? No, of course not...what do you mean?

Gordon Ramsay: Well F*ck off then.
by ObviouslyDizzle December 10, 2006

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