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1. "Half-Dick", appellation for the undersized Aryan Penis. 2. Hence, nickname for Aryan Men. 3. Common surname for Aryan Boys in Dravidian Lands.

'Lingam' is the original Dravidian word for penis, & hence represents the full-sized Dravidian Penis. 'Ardha' means 'half' in Prakrit, whence this compound means 'Half a Penis'. Traditionally, this connotes an Aryan Penis, historically measured as half the size of the average Dravidian Penis.

The potency, & hence popularity, of the term is due to the degree in which it belittles Aryan masculinity. First, it implies that the Aryan Penis is too small to pleasure an Orat (woman). Next, it follows that, in order to find a full-sized penis & obtain sexual satisfaction, females have to resort to Shudras. Moreover, it places the onus for the Aryan-Dravidian penis size differential on Aryan males by implying that it is we who are under-endowed, instead of Shudras being over-endowed.

Thus, Shudranis & Dravidianized Aryan Women apply this nickname (or its Hindustani version 'Adha-Linga') to Aryan Boys, reproaching us for the annoyingly small size of our penises. Dravidian Men use it as a seduction tactic to emasculate Aryan Men & educate Aryan Females about the Aryan Penis. Us Aryan Boys often adopt this sur-name as a small-penis joke to entertain Aryan Females, as an act of self-effacing submissiveness to earn the goodwill of stout Shudra Men, or as a capitulation tactic advertising sexual defeat.
1) Q: What do Dravidian Women call Aryan Boys?
A: Ardha-Lingam, half the penis size they are used to!
Q: What do Aryan Women call Aryan Boys?
A: Ardha-Linga, half the penis size they want!
Q: What do Aryan Boys call themselves ?
A: Ardha-Linga, half the penis size that is fucking their women!
2) Do-Pyaza's New Name: Once upon a time Moolla Do-Pyaza was a hero with the Bibis & Begums (ladies) of the Mughal court of Delhi, as his 5-inch fair Aryan penis was largest of all. Then along came Mukunda Deva Telinga, the Subehdar of Telinga. Moolla Do-Pyaza could no longer hope to compete against the Dravidian's 10-inch Telingana Black Snake. When Mukunda Deva Telinga seduced Do-Pyaza's Bibi, the Mullani, the Moolla capitulated. He became Telinga's Lund-Choos (cock-sucker) & would clean out the Fuddis (vaginae) of the court Orats after the Dravidian had used them. Now the Orats call him "Moolla Adha-Linga".
3) Sheikh Chilli: I have an Aryan Ardha-Linga. I wish I had a Shudra-Linga!
Sheikha: I wish so too!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza January 20, 2011
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