A girl who is beautiful, but cold. Or just an unattainable hottie.
dude1"oh dude, that fox is so hot!"
dude2"yeah but dont get your hopes up, shes an arctic fox ever since dude3 pulled an alaskan firedragon on her."
by Fuzzy Person October 12, 2006
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n) A hot chick from a cold place.
Bob: "Damn, that chick is hot!"

Paul: "Dude, shut up, that's my sister! She's visiting me from Minnesota."

Bob: "Well, your sister's an Arctic fox!"
by ah_halifax January 21, 2013
Normally from Canada or Russia, a bad ass that dose not know about the word "Cold" and would be more then fine with going north of the Arctic Circle in nothing more then a loin cloth.
Look at Jackson over there, its 12 degrees and he is still in Shorts and a T-shirt. He is one Arctic Fox.
by cosmographic May 28, 2014
A person that is only into white people.
No guys, we can't go to a black bar, I am an Arctic Fox.
by MADGAB1922 May 23, 2016
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