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Fill a condom with Love Juice or Skeet, put that bad mother fucker in a freezer, wait until that bad boy is frozen, and use it as a Dildo to make all your nasty fantasys real as a motherfucker.

Artic Love Tubes are the best way to get a bitch nice and wet before you fuck her brains out.

It is a smart idea to run the Arctic Love Tube under warm water because the freezer burn is gonna feel like razor blades in your bitches pussy.

Warning: The Arctic Love Tube is for only the baddest bitches and the nastiest freaks. Not for bitches who cant take a good fuckin.

The Arctic Love Tube was invented by Bear Gryls in 2005 when he was left in Yellowknife Canada with only a condom
Jamarcus: Wanna make a Arctic Love Tube tonight?
Tonya: Fuck Yeah! This shits gonna wreck my tight pussy!!
Jamarcus: Will you marry me?

Ashlee: Last night was tight. I was at this party and this girl was all up on me so i took her back to the crib and got my Artic Love Tube out of the freezer and mader that bitch my hoe. then i gave that bitch the hottest Cleveland Steamer
Jamal: You one badass motherfucker
by The Black Man With The 17 Cock November 16, 2010
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