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A turkey vulture-sized mosquito which lives on the open tundra of the Canadian North. Arctic Ice Mosquitoes are dayturnal, spending the lazy Arctic days walking around on their six legs, feeding on the Arctic Ice Potato, which grows on trees everywhere on the Arctic Tundra. Arctic Ice Mosquitoes are quite friendly, and you can strike up a conversation easily as they are Canadian and love to talk about the weather.
Dude check out that herd of Arctic Ice Mosquitoes! They're my favorite animal.
by ChefsSurprise July 06, 2011
1. n. Complete and utter nonsense.
2. n. Total fabrication.
3. n. Horseshit.
Ed: Dude, did you know my scrotum is big enough to wear as a hat?

Ted: Arctic Ice Mosquitoes, man.
by ChefsSurprise July 10, 2011
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